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Chrono ([personal profile] broken_horns) wrote2008-01-21 07:39 pm

02 - The Church sure has swank ceilings

Ehehe, I hope I haven't worried anyone... I know I let Matt know I was going to the Church, but I sure didn't expect to be there so long. More than a week. What with the tournament going on, the church healers have been kind of preoccupied. Understandably so from some of the things I overheard when I was conscious about the tournament. I know a few people I've met are in it and I wish you all luck if you are still in the running. I'm all okay again now though. ^.^

... I also heard about the killer... I hope people have been keeping safe. Matt, Cloud, Rosette - I hope you are all okay... please don't do anything foolish. I know she went and got herself that risky job and now this happens...

[Filter Private]

People are saying it's a demon. It made my hands twitch and my heart race. I should be out there helping somehow, but what can I do? Even if I'm a demon, I'm clearly not strong enough to do anything about something that is going around killing people. And these aren't ordinary people around here either, they are strong... I still feel like I shouldn't be standing by while a demon causes havoc though.

I wonder if there is more that Makura can tell me about myself. If he has any ideas. I don't really trust him, but he is a demon too and helped me to figure out that much. It would be worth asking.

.... he may be able to help me figure out what's wrong with me too...

For some reason I keep getting so tired. To the point of passing out. And it wouldn't go away until the head cleric, ah, Karin I think her name was, personally came from the tournament tent and despite not seeing anything wrong with me, she just healed me and the longer she did it, the better I felt. But I'm worried that it's just going to happen again. If I start getting really exhausted again, I guess I'll know for sure.

Does this have to do with whatever is subduing my power?

I really do need to talk to Makura again....


In any case, I'm back at the apartments now. Matt, Rosette, are you both still helping out at the healer's tent for the tournament? Maybe I should come help out since the healers were so nice and patient with me? I could at least return the favor a little.

Ah, Makura, if you read this, can we talk again? There are some things I want to ask you...

(( OOC: Chrono has no idea the killer is Silv or that Silv is Makura's other half since his name never specifically came up when they spoke before. He also doesn't know Rosette's been injured but if he goes to the Healer's Tent, I'm sure he'll find out soon enough. ))

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Make sure you keep yourself safe, too.

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I was sure to be careful...

too careful to help any of my friends...

Thanks for the concern, though, Cloud. I'm glad to see you okay.

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When it's an opponent that you are powerless against, the smartest thing you can do for your friends is make sure you keep yourself safe.

Yeah. Thanks, Chrono.

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I... yeah. I know. Thank you.

[Filtered to Cloud]
That demon, I've spoken to him before. Or someone who is him, but not, I hope. But I'm like them...

So I don't know how powerless I would have been... I know nothing about myself besides what I am in the basest sense. Do you think you know anyone here who could help me find out?

But if it's any trouble, don't worry about it.